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Analytics + InsightS

LEAP Agency’s full-funnel approach to marketing is represented in our reporting, as well as synthesized data collected from multi-touch attribution modeling and enhanced online/offline conversion tracking.

But our difference: We turn all of those data points into a clear story with real-time optimization recommendations and budget pacing insights.


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Collect data from all applicable sources.


Align data with overall business objectives and key performance indicators.


Provide an analysis of relevant metrics and dimensions along with actionable insights and recommendations.


Refine and improve tactics to achieve desired goals.


Integrated analytics combine business intelligence, analytics, and performance all in one handy package. LEAP Agency provides a competitive edge for our clients through the use of these integrated analytics. We offer a true visual of data across the board and gives our clients the boost they need to stay on top in their industry.

Any audit we perform with you or for you comes with a remediation plan and recommendations. We’re not just going to tell you there’s a problem with your analytics or continue to let you pay more for multiple analytics programs finding the same data.
We’re going to create a story for your data so your marketing plan works for you.

Platform audits

Before we begin digging into a client’s digital numbers, we first have to understand what data they’re already collecting.

Performing a platform audit allows us to see what analytics and insights software brands are using. Using this information, we are able to find any gaps or crossovers in any analytics. Of course, we then provide recommendations of platforms to use that could finish telling a brand’s digital story as well as ensure they’re hitting their KPIs.

API Integrations

After all our platforms are running, we put everything into a singular dashboard for clients to pinpoint and understand their data anytime. Our API integrations ensure all tools natively integrate with third party platforms and synthesized into one, easy to find location.

Event Tracking

Companies may be collecting data on their site – who is filling out the form, who is making calls, etc. But what’s not seen are all the steps that caused that person to convert.

This is event tracking.

By using event tracking, we can understand how long a consumer scrolled on your site before heading over to the contact page. Or what products they viewed. Or what social posts they interacted with. We are able to see what engagements are working and what engagements are not performing.

At the same time, event tracking can show us where users drop off on a site, cart abandonment and other drop off points.

These micro conversions lead us to successful macro conversions.

Data Governance

Through data governance, we are able to confirm our data integrity as well as ensuring our clients have appropriate access to the data we are collecting.

This governance ensures all digital touchpoints are compliant with ongoing regulations like GDPR, CCPA and other compliance measures. And in order to certify all our data is up to date and compliant, we appoint a data trustee from our team that routinely checks compliance measures.


Business intelligence and performance analytics measure your business’ current state of success. We turn your data into insights to help your business grow.

Business intelligence depicts performance numbers in the visual form of graphs, dashboards, charts, and maps that tell your business’ story. By understanding the trends in the data, this leads to applicable insights that influence strategic business decisions down the road.

Website Behavior

Measuring success on a website can look different depending on what vertical your company lies in and what purpose the site serves. Our methodology behind website analysis follows a stringent framework, comprised of a brand’s goals, objectives, calls to action, key performance indicators and target audience.

For many companies, managing the dozens of different analytics tools can be daunting. LEAP Agency simplifies this process by focusing on the KPIs that matter most, providing actionable insights and recommendations to optimize user experience.


We leverage heatmapping tools to allow us to get to know your website audience’s behavior better.

Our heatmapping tools reveal the best places to insert valuable design elements and CTAs – helping us uncover any problem areas on your site. Are there any pages with competing CTAs negatively influencing user conversion behavior? Where are users hovering? Are they having trouble finding critical content on the site from the home page? Our reporting includes further segmentation of heatmap visualizations.

Paid Media Channels

Optimize Media Mix Investments

Hold Media

Continually Measure Marketing Efficiency

Marketing Data and Analytics Reports

We’re not afraid to let you know what’s working and what isn’t. Tracking paid media analytics allows us to pivot in real-time and evaluate the performance of our media mix.

We hold our media accountable by setting goals at the onset of any campaign along with insight into vertical-specific and industry-wide benchmarks.

Our analytics and reporting will provide you insight into the marketing efficacy of any campaign – with real-time access to Return on Investment at the overall strategy-level, and Return on Ad Spend by each campaign.

E-Commerce Tracking + Product Performance

Enhanced e-commerce tracking takes standard tracking to the next level with visibility into much more than standard e-commerce tracking which tracks transactions and product data at a high level.

Through our reporting, we are able to see how a product’s list position influences click through rate and ultimately analyze how featured products or category positions impact sales.


Advanced marketing sciences keep your business in the loop and moving as efficiently as possible.

Don’t fall behind your competitors, let us help you optimize your marketing plans and spending. Want to learn more about your audience and how they interact with your brand? We’ve got the answers. By utilizing advanced marketing sciences here at LEAP, we create the most effective and efficient marketing strategies to ensure your business thrives.


Media Mix

We’re not afraid to tell our clients that some marketing tactics work better than others. And these underperforming tactics are something we are able to learn early on. What sets LEAP Agency apart from other data collections is our ability to work closely with paid media teams to understand what media is performing, and what is not. We optimize data in real time, and can quickly pivot both dollars and strategy.

This understanding of what media tactics work well together and what don’t work together that helps us reach your goals and objectives.


There’s an assisting problem in data analytics. We often see client come to us assigning all the credit of a conversion to the last action that occurred before it. But we know consumers have been reached multiple times through multiple points of media, and we can see all those touchpoints in a full funnel view. We want to explore more than last touch attribution.


Everything we do is steeped in audience understand. And now, we have the understand of enough audience information that we can predict future behavior. We take data we have received on previous engagements and predict what a brand’s customers will interact with next.

Metrics: customer lifetime value, that allow us to better understand longetivity (or not) of customer.

Customer Segmentation

Data informs us. Data guides us. Data is malleable. We are able to “slice and dice” data, not to make our own narrative, but to better understand different customers types and the behavior of each.

We divide this data into groups based on common characteristics of demographic and psychographic information, so you can effectively market to each.

A/B/n Test Design

Instead of making a change based on a finite amount of data, we test any hypothesis or recommendations we have to produce even better results from your consumers. Through A/B/n testing, we can perform multiple variations of a change to a control group of users, and see what performs best among your audience.

AI/Machine Learning

Most of the data we measure on a daily basis is structured, meaning easily quantifiable. But for that unstructured data, like social listening, image engagement and conversations, we utilize AI and machine learning to help us measure the sentiment of a conversation, what images are more engaging than others as well as any other insights that are not empirical in nature .


We offer weekly videos, as well as monthly and quarterly reports, to help make sense of the data collecting during those periods of time. Custom reports will measure and articulate KPIs by analyzing and sharing the metrics that tie directly back to your campaign and business objectives.


For each of our clients, we assign a measurement specialist. This person’s role is not only to collect data, but put together a story behind those analytics. We optimize and measure everything. We make sure to tell you what is working and what is not working. We make sense of all the data.

Before sending you an excel sheet of a bunch of numbers, your measurement specialist translates those numbers into actionable insights. This person will deliver the report from the start of the project to the end.


Through our customized dashboards, we can integrate all campaign data in one place, and it’s updated in real-time.

Brands that commit to a rigorous, recurrent approach to analytics see the best digital marketing results and improved return on investment.


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