AI Driven Marketing Means Near Real-Time Mass Personalization

July 3, 2019 1:15 pm

Wondering how to describe the future of AI in marketing? Wrapping your head around the concept is difficult, yes. But, it can be summed up rather easily if you think about the following: AI applied to marketing uses machines to analyze mass quantities of data in near real-time, allowing for insights and direction from data that would otherwise take weeks, months or even years. It’s not rocket science. It’s data science.

I was conversing with one of our chief data scientists just the other day about some rather cool insights gained from a recent AI program running for a client. She commented that she could have come up with the same insight. And, she is not wrong. She could have come up with the same insight given enough time and possibly 3 to 4 clones to work 24/7 for 2 weeks. AI does away with human limitations, like time and resources.

AI does not replace humans, it enhances them.

While we all fear the machines rising up and taking over – well, at least we enjoy watching great movies like Terminator – humans are still running the show. AI allows us to focus on things like strategy and creative while machines figure out what content works where and when and for whom.

AI does not replace humans, it enhances them.

How, you ask? Consider this stat from Statwolf – 12.5 percent of a person’s average work week, or 11 days over the period of a year, is lost in data collection. I would argue it is twice that if you work in marketing.

While there are legitimate worries that machines will take jobs, in marketing the hope is it will enhance jobs. The insights we are able to gain from AI only makes us that more valuable to our employers and our clients. Machines struggle with pulling out insights that matter, but that’s where human jobs are safe.

Our systems learn while users interact with websites or ads.

One area where we have been using AI and machine learning for several years is with personalization. Our systems learn while users interact with websites or ads and are always recommending new segments to target and suggesting new content groups we had not previously considered. This allows us to move quickly and react to data that would have previously taken weeks if not months.

Another exciting area AI brings to the forefront is predictive analytics. Imagine being alerted as to customers in your data set that represents a flight risk based upon behavior analysis. A machine literally predicting when a customer will leave or seek another brand. It allows companies to not only be proactive but to know the future and deploy campaigns that protect against those future losses.

So, AI represents the future of marketing and advertising. We are beyond being able to deny its place at the table. We need to embrace its power and staff to complement its power. AI allows agencies to live with the insights and move our brands forward faster than ever before. In a night, we can analyze more data than we could have in weeks prior. We can move faster, learn quicker and Matter More.