Facebook is Turning into TV. And They’re Not Alone.

December 19, 2016 3:59 pm


According to Digiday, Facebook has been trying to become more like TV — what, with its advertisements, all-consuming snippets of video and ability to pause, stop and start whenever. But one feature, in particular, has helped the medium in this venture: a dedicated video tab it has been testing over the past year.

If you haven’t found it yet, it’s because the button is only available on the mobile app. While this seems limiting, the idea is actually logical. If you imagine the Facebook mobile app, the new video button will appear on the bottom menu, somewhere in between the Newsfeed and Profile buttons – essentially making its own “dedicated channel,” according to Digiday. Once pressed, a myriad of videos will be available to the user, based on said user’s interests.

Much like TV, this “channel” allows for advertisers to place their videos in front of the right audience through the right medium. They would be able to purchase an advertisement through the video channel.

Last year, Facebook partnered with Nielson on a study to test a new ad product called Targeted Rating Points Buying. Through this study, Nielson determined thus far, TV advertising dollars haven’t moved to Facebook because this channel has not yet existed – thus Heindl’s lack of trepidation. He believes advertisers will first be taken from other social channels, then TV sales reps should be worried.

“Facebook continues to be one of the most important channels for brands. Why? Because Facebook continues to dominate as the content hub of choice for individuals world-wide. Take that fact, and combine it with a global demand for digital video that continues to increase and you have a compelling story for marketers,” said Ryan Smith, President of LEAPamp.

The social media’s comparison to TV comes just days before Adweek stated Snapchat’s Discover section is also following a similar format – allowed advertisers pay for branded video content.

With so many opportunities to get brands known on social media, Smith and the rest of the LEAPamp team knows just when to put the right content in front of the right audience and the right time. And even more importantly, through the right medium.

“Digital video offers a platform for storytelling that written or graphical content can’t touch. Video can compel you to take action like no other form of content. Facebook and YouTube are the biggest threat to television ad dollars, and rightfully so. The best marketers are already taking full advantage. If you aren’t utilizing digital video backed by an amplification plan, you are falling behind,” said Smith.

Image Source: Business Insider