Why dedicated hosting might be right for you

December 5, 2008 3:17 pm

If your website is being hosted in a shared server environment and you are wondering what advantages that switching to a dedicated environment might provide, I can offer three for you to consider: safety, security, and control.

    • You can enjoy the safety that comes from having your own dedicated IP address. Your IP address is how your server is identified on the Internet. So if someone else on your shared server is flagged for doing something questionable like sending spam or hosting an adult website, because you have the same IP address that they do, your site can also suffer any punishment that they might receive as a result of their actions (e.g., getting blacklisted).  In extreme cases, you might even get blacklisted from search engines like Google, which can be very bad for your brand’s marketing.
    • You would receive the security that comes from the server belonging to you and you alone. No one else would have physical access to the server other than you or someone you authorize, like an admin team.
    • You would have greater control over the server because only your site(s) would be on it. You wouldn’t need to worry about the needs of any other company’s sites, like a required software package, slowing down your server’s speed and affecting the performance of your website. You would also be able to make any tweaks of modifications to the server you want without having to be limited by the requirements of the server’ manager because, unlike on a shared hosting environment, you would be the one setting the rules.

      Moving from a shared server to a dedicated one is kind of like moving from an apartment complex into your own home. You aren’t just another tenant; you’re the king (or queen) of your own safe and secure castle.