Integrated Interactive Marketing From the Ground Up

June 26, 2009 11:15 am

Continuing our discussion about integrated campaigns with members of LEAP’s Interactive Marketing team, the team talks about the importance of a good website to an integrated campaign and offers an example what can be achieved as a result of a well-run integrated campaign.

Integration seems to be the key. So if you are not committed to it, should rethink your marketing strategy?

Amberly Stitzel: No, I just think those clients who don’t integrate don’t get the full benefit of an agency approach by doing that.

Stephanie Stokell: You could go out there and do PPC for your site but if you don’t have the content on your site with the integrated SEO you will be paying more for each click and won’t be realizing the conversion rates that you could. And if they wander on to your site, even if it’s great website, if the only way they’re getting there is by happening upon it, then a great conversion rate doesn’t provide enough return because you’re not getting the traffic that you need. Everything works together to not only bring them in but to complete the whole cycle. You really have to have the whole shebang.

Christy Belden: It’s also the design of and copy for the site all integrated into the marketing of it. You have to have good design and relevant copy to drive the sale and support the SEO. It all has to match.

Amberly: So having the copy and the design for an effective website should be put first before you would even start your campaign. We can drive people to your site but if the site isn’t set up to convert then you’ve wasted marketing dollars.

Stephanie: It’s house metaphor again. You would be sure your house is clean and straight and well-decorated before you invited anyone over.

So if my site is not the best, that’s what I need to focus on first?

Christy: Fixing the site is part of the SEO portion, at least how we do it now. We’ll take a prospect’s site that doesn’t have very good navigation and doesn’t have content on the site and recommend addressing those as part of SEO. I consider design and copy really as part of SEO.

Any examples of integrated campaigns you can share that worked really well?

Amberly: We have one client I can think of off the top of my head that we were able to drop the cost per conversion to less than half this year through integration.

Christy: Our integrated efforts also helped increased site traffic for that client up 30% from last year to this year.

Emily Van Winkle: We’ve also helped increased awareness. In one month alone, we had 48 million impressions for the brand.

Amberly: We’ve been able to help this client get these results specifically because they are running an integrated agency program. It’s not one piece here, one piece there. They’ve addressed many channels and are getting a better return on all their efforts because of it.

Anyone have a final thought to take us home?

Emily V: Remember that integrated interactive marketing is not just a one-time thing. It’s about constant improvement. Going back and researching what happened in prior months and then realigning strategies. The whole process is ongoing. It’s never done.

That would be the first thing we recommend: a redesign first and then we come in with all the other initiatives.