The Digital Experience: Development + the Perfect Spot

April 8, 2011 2:37 pm

Behind Development Lines

Development is under way for Homer. The testing necessities have arrived, including a dedicated computer, two Microsoft Kinects, custom software, and a big ol’ piece of plexiglass (a.k.a. Homer).

This week, Drew and Will, two LEAP development gurus, started investigating and testing various screen materials — HD film, Screen Goo Screen Paint and Glass Etch Vinyl — to find the best fit for the window and outside environment.

On Monday, Drew and Will tested the Screen Goo Screen Paint and HD film. The paint was tested to see how it would look if it was put on with a roller, which failed; then they quickly tested to see how the HD screen film would look if it was cut and laid against each other. The film decidedly looked better than originally thought. Once the glass etch vinyl is tested, Drew and Will will be able to make the best judgment as to which screen material should be used for the digital out of home experience.

Mastering the best material to use on the windows for this DOOH is essential to the success of this digital marketing platform. We are all anxiously waiting the first round of testing of Homer, ready to see what this DOOH piece can do!

Could This Be the Spot?

Christy Belden, VP of Media + Marketing, visited one potential site in downtown Cincinnati on Wednesday. It looks like it has great potential to be our DOOH placement winner. This vacant space has great foot traffic in the middle of the day and appeared to be clear of any direct sunlight problems in the afternoon. The window size is approximately 20 feet wide by 10-15 feet tall — a great size for the experience we are looking to create.