Marketing Services Meet Branding Needs

September 12, 2011 6:34 pm

Choosing the best marketing services for your business can be an overwhelming task. With so many advertising choices out there, it can be hard to determine which services are appropriate for your business. However, there are two digital marketing services that fit in any marketing strategy, with any brand or company, no matter the size or industry.

Email Marketing

An integral part of keeping your consumer engaged with your brand is through email marketing. It is the new and improved direct mail. Email is a great way to communicate your brand’s message to a mass audience. Email marketing works to attract new business or to reach out to existing customers to let them know you value them as a customer. Email marketing is also a great place to utilize a strong call to action message through encouraging an immediate purchase by offering a coupon or discount. Another great aspect of email marketing is the ease of tracking your return on investment. In any instance, email marketing is a vital way of keeping in contact with current customers and increasing your brand’s reach.

Social Media

Social media marketing is another integral marketing service and branding tactic. With so many people looking to Facebook and Twitter for information, it is necessary that your business and brand have a defined social presence. Social media marketing allows businesses to connect with their consumers on a more personal level and gives consumers the sense of being involved with your brand. One useful tool of social media marketing is that it provides the consumer an opportunity to interactively engage with your brand. Social media also provides an outlet for customer-company communication. With the amount of information floating around on various social platforms, it is important to recognize the need to provide timely, engaging information to your customers about your brand.

Email marketing and social media marketing are two valuable marketing services to utilize for your company and brand. Each provides a variety of benefits to your customers and building a positive online presence for your company. Email marketing and social media are just two of many marketing services available. With a little research, creativity and help from your account manager, you will be able to discover the best marketing vehicles for your company and brand.


(Contributed by Emily Blankenbaker, account coordinator)