Super Bowl XLVI Digital Strategy Runs a Blitz

February 3, 2012 7:53 pm

Super Bowl XLVI will be one for the record book for more
reasons than being a rematch from 2008 between the New England Patriots and the
New York Giants. From mobile live streaming of the game via Verizon and advertisers changing their
strategies to reach consumers to version 2.02 of the Super Bowl Guide app and a social media command center to reach tweeters and Facebookers, the digital
media aspects of this year’s Super Bowl are unprecedented.

The social media command center will be set-up downtown in host city Indianapolis and
staffed with strategists, analysts and techies to help monitor fans’ social
conversation and give fans parking information, directions to fun attractions
during their visit and answer any other questions that may come up. The command
center will also be prepared in the event on an emergency or disaster. Like
many brand or company social media marketers, the social media staff for Super Bowl XLVI will be
searching for specific keywords and phrases from fans and Indy visitors while
watching for hash tags such as #superbowl2012, #Indy, #SBVillage and
#NFLExperience among many others. Creating a social media experience for Super
Bowl fans and game goers helps create a positive reputation for Indianapolis
and Super Bowl XLVI, as well as provides communication with fans in the way
fans are communicating with each other.

As 150,000+ fans are expected to flood Indianapolis,
millions more will be watching the big game from home on their big screens,
small screens and Verizon Smartphones. I’m excited to see what other digital media rolls
out during the game on Sunday and which brands embrace an integrated marketing strategy to
entice consumers with commercials and then direct them to a Facebook or Twitter pages to increase