Taking the “Zs” Out of the Marketing Research Biz

January 23, 2013 7:35 pm

When it comes to marketing research, survey says…it works! As much as creativity and innovation are valued in today’s hyper-competitive world, both are of little help if the idea is not needed. The main reason why new products or ideas flop, isn’t because they aren’t “good enough”, it’s because they don’t fulfill any type of consumer need. Sometimes it’s not enough to be sexy…you have to be smart too.

Marketing research gets a bad rep in my opinion. Most marketers feel it’s the “boring” side of marketing. Who likes to deal with surveys and numbers anyway? Well the fact of the matter is marketing research is the backbone of any good integrated marketing campaign. It’s the beginning, middle, and end. Marketing research starts in the planning phase, is executed during the campaign, and helps to review it once the campaign over. So if think marketing research is “boring”, you better get excited pronto! Thanks to the new technology of social media, mobile apps, interactive website design, and DOOH projects, marketing research isn’t as “boring” as it used to be. Consumers are able to give feed back on a product or service in surveys disguised as games, quizzes, and polls. In a press release from Cint, it was reported that 62% of consumers said they were more likely to buy a product or service if they were asked their opinion. A whopping 91% of consumers prefer to participate in marketing research via Smartphone, web, and SMS. This means companies need a strong interactive presence in order to receive the best insights and consumer analysis.

To ensure your creative ideas and strategies don’t go to waste, make sure your have the research to back them up. Companies who know their consumer better, can better serve them. So instead of relying on “a little bird” to tell you about your consumers, let a real bird ( Twitter) and other digital media do it for you.