Introducing LEAP.

July 25, 2013 2:00 pm

Starting today, we are leaving the frog behind (specifically, the one in our name). Introducing LEAP!

LEAP is a digital-age agency that makes brands easy to find and hard to ignore.

We’ve been working on this internal re-brand and can finally announce and share with you the new brand and direction of our agency.

At LEAP we understand in order for your brand to matter, moments of play must be created. We are creatively-ambitious, tech-savvy experts that envelop brands in metamorphic process, and create meaningful communication through our unique 360 degree approach.

Although our brand is new, our ownership is not. No bigger, scary company bought us. This re-brand was 100% internally driven. The same guys that made their vision a reality 14 years ago with LeapFrog Interactive, will continue in pursuit with LEAP.

We want to thank everyone internally who put in countless hours over weeks and weekends. Without their tireless efforts, we couldn’t have transformed the idea that started on paper into a culture.

Now that the brand is complete, we are all taking a three week sabbatical. Just kidding.

We are LEAP Agency and are ready to take your brand forward.