A Pinteresting Future

November 22, 2013 8:11 pm


As marketers and consumers, we continue to see the visual shift in social media platforms. Hello, don’t you remember the original Facebook interface? It was hideous and definitely less user friendly.


Now Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more are all so visual you only have to read a few words, if any, to understand what the post is about. Even with this visual growth, Pinterest is one of the social networks that’s pushed to the wayside when it comes to social strategy.

It’s very clear how quickly consumers have become addicted to this visual overload that social networks are using. It’s also easy to forget that Pinterest is only 3 years old. Although still new to the game, Marketers know it’s one of the most popular content curators, which works in our favor. It’s easy to reach very specific categories like parents, DIY’ers, bloggers, fitness enthusiasts, foodies and wanna-be chefs on Pinterest. A lot of people literally organize their lives with their boards. Marketers and brands are being handed perfect niche target audiences and would be crazy not to take advantage of it.

We can utilize this platform for promotions, content distribution, awareness, e-commerce, social signals and the list goes on. People are on Pinterest to connect with things, not people. As for Facebook and Twitter, they are generally looking to connect with friends and family while occasionally following a brand page mostly likely due to a Facebook ad or promoted post they were served. Those likes aren’t as meaningful compared to someone seeing your pin and adding it to their board because they LIKE it. They think about it and decide whether or not it’s qualified to join their other pins in that category. Pinterest allows opportunity to directly connect with consumers and give them what they want. Just make sure your content is relevant to their lives and boards.

This week we also got the announcement of Place Pins.


Pinterest is letting us map our pins. This is going to make it easier to plan a vacation with friends, collect pins of places we’d like to visit, and plot interests by location.  The map will show pins you love: best restaurants, national parks and local cities. Place pins come with address and phone number attached making this a great opportunity for local businesses to building awareness, reputability and credibility. We’re also seeing promoted pins within Pinterest. By promoting a pin, it will show up at the top of a search result and category feeds helping you reach more users.

Let’s admit it, Pinterest is addicting. We love expressing ourselves in one place that contains everything we love, wish we had and things we’ll probably never do. So the question is, where is Pinterest going? I believe they will continue to build upon their platform. Adding more features like place pins and related pins to make each users experience unique and meaningful. The promoted pins experiment will soon become open game for all businesses allowing brands to showcase their products, reach more users and build followers. With the rapid changes we see on social media, Pinterest is likely to become the Google of visual content.