Pinpointing City BBQ’s Platforms

November 22, 2016 6:57 pm


Aside from great barbeque and a family-atmosphere, City BBQ had a lot going on. In fact, in addition to roasting its meats for 18 hours at a time, we’re not sure how the local BBQ diner kept up its social and web properties.

The marketing team at City BBQ was using more than three disparate systems to manage local listings, social media, and online reputation. Utilizing Pinpoint, the all-to-busy marketing team was able to combine all three platforms on an easy-to-use interface that allows executives and regional managers to easily view listings, social and reputation data. Ultimately, City BBQ was able to reduce all it platforms into one system that does it all. With only one email and one password to remember.

Pinpoint is a citation-management, location-management and reputation-management tool under its parent company, LEAP Agency. Essentially, we have a lot going on, too. But we do it in all one platform.

And we do more than just correct a business’ address on a simple Google search (though we know how imperative it is to conquer that feat.) We’ve built an entire suite of products that work together to provide a complete online branding solution for local businesses.

City BBQ has 31 locations primarily in the Midwest. With Pinpoint’s location-based management tool, we can help you find the nearest City BBQ in Indianapolis, Kentucky, North Carolina and/or Ohio. You’ll also be able to stay in the loop with the restaurant through their social media channels. And they can track how many new followers or website visits they receive and what visitors are saying at each location, through our analytics and reporting.

The Midwest eatery is not the only one experiencing location-based issues. According to Pinpoint statistics, 100 million local searches are performed every day, but over 40 percent of those business have errors in their addresses. To avoid becoming one of the 40 percent, let Pinpoint help your customers find your business.

To learn more about Pinpoint, check out our services and how we measure up against other management tool providers at. For any questions, contact Michael Wunsch at