Shopperfund and LEAP are Ready for 2017

December 7, 2016 5:41 pm

This has been a banner year for Shopperfund. And LEAP was lucky to be a part of their 2016. Not only are they in the midst of rebranding, but they appointed LEAP to help with their digital marketing strategy.

Shopperfund brings a unique approach to consumers that want to pay down debt. Originally designed to provide cash back for online purchases, Shopperfund will soon be able to provide cash back for purchases made offline, as well. Agreements with vendors such as BestBuy, Petco and Target, allow consumers to begin paying down their debt while making daily purchases.

When we started working with the debt-relief companies, the idea was to build a digital marketing strategy to market Shopperfund’s rebrand in a meaningful way — hitting the right audience at the right time through the right medium. Also included: analytics and attribution modeling, email marketing, overall lead-generation activities, PPC marketing and search engine optimization.

In the process of discovery and setting the foundation of the campaign, LEAP engaged in several fact-finding audits, as well as user-testing the current Shopperfund website to establish a baseline and inform future improvements to UX and audience research that culminated with the development of consumer personas for Shopperfund. After all, if we want to hit the right audience, we needed to know who Shopperfund targeted.

As the audience research and resulting personas developed, it was paramount to understand what “life event” had created debt for the particular persona. Was it a recent divorce? Was a parent beginning to put a child through college? Was a recent college graduate struggling to find employment in his or her chosen field? Answering these questions lead to the creation of seven, core consumer personas.


All of this foundational work is gearing up toward a relaunch of Shopperfund. The company is also in the process of revamping the copy on their site, as well as their email delivery.

LEAP is honored to work with Shopperfund. They share our “Market Less. Matter More” mentality, and want to be there for the right people at the right time.