As one the top providers of human resources globally, Ceridian has more than 100,000 clients in over 50 countries. Their web presence was getting a lot of clicks, but not the right kind of clicks. LEAP Agency worked with the human capital management company to develop an SEO and SEM strategy, and content plan for their Canadian and American sites.

With different websites, decision makers, languages and even different products by region, both paid and organic search required a strategically-led approach. Not to mention a detailed and precise tactical execution.

But we had to go above a great website. Ceridian plays in an incredibly competitive environment with several well-established and aggressive competitors.

Making the Fortune 500 company stand out required the right mix of traffic and the ability to qualify search intent through the strategic use of keywords and ad copy.

Although cost per lead was a driving metric, the quality of those leads was the strategic objective. We set out to lower cost per lead while increasing lead quality and we did just that — a HUGE win in a hyper-competitive search environment.

paid search

Ceridian counted on a large portion of its leads to come from simple search. But it needed a more targeted, paid search program in order to get in front of the right audience.

consumer insights

Before we begin any work for clients, we use our research and audience intelligence teams to perform a Discovery of a brand. This discovery tells us everything we need to know about Ceridian’s target audience – what engages them, what makes them abandon their cart, the messaging they prefer. The team took into account a variety of client-specific criteria – as customer segments, business objectives, and market position – to propose site modifications with both short-term and long-term goals in mind.

site conversion audit

Next, our analytics + insights team conducted an audit of their existing website. Our key points of the audit included web analytics reviews, user testing, heatmapping analysis and online surveys.

hypothesis testing

Based on these data sources we reached hypotheses to test on live visitors, and we implemented a series of A/B or multivariate tests to test out messaging, copy, and layouts.

proven recommendations

We don’t simply audit and forget it. Based on insights gleaned from Ceridian’s analytics, behavioral and site, we delivered recommendations that would deliver a user-friendly website that allowed consumers to easily and effectively convert.

After a complete audit of both their Canadian and America sites, we performed hypotheses test on focus groups and A/B testing to ensure our copy, layout and keyword changes were effective to engage the right audience at the right time.

organic search

Organic isn’t dead. Especially with a good keyword strategy.

We leveraged the power of search to convey Ceridian’s brand promise. Unlike most SEO companies, which focus almost entirely on improving organic rankings, LEAP increases the target market’s search visibility of our clients’ overall marketing messages through multiple mediums:


Social Media

Content Development


matter more.

Ceridian websites in both U.S. and Canada found a simultaneous increase in conversion rate
with a decrease in bounce rate. This meant the company was finally targeting the right audience
at the right time.


Increase in Conversion Rate for Lead Generation


Decrease in Costs per Lead


Increase in Daily Organic Traffic Value


Increase in Qualified Leads from Search